A selfie by Giannina Oteto on the cover of the selfied

"By bringing who I am, and making sure they get the end results they want. I love being the underdog"

A designer selfie by Diego Rodriguez. A designer from Argentina

"I'm a designer working in the creativity office of a Bank... it's almost like putting a bird in a box hahaha, It is a daily exercise of selling a design to an accountant"

Tattooist Angeia Bilinska selfie pic on the cover of The Selfied Magazine

Angela Bilinska, A hand poke Tattooist from Poland.

A black and white selfie of Kate Svynarchuk

"It's one of the most important earthly pleasures, and surely art helps to break consciousness borders"

A selfie of DJ Laureano for the cover of The Selfied Magazine

"I danced for Beyonce, and after that I told myself it's really time for me to find who I am outside of dance, because I knew it wasn't for me."

Australian stylist, model and writer Mel Brady for the cover of The Selfied magazine

"I reached a point turning 50 where I stopped worrying about others opinions! I'm liberated! it's an incredible feeling to think, If I can dream it, I can achieve it"

A black and white selfie pic of Bunny Summers, Musician

"There is no purpose? It just is. It's kind of funny. We are practically just animals farting around with finger paints and happening upon personal growth"

A selfie by Vesa Perakyla, a fashion stylist and creative director from London, on the cover of The Selfied magazine

"I always try to showcase reality parallel to the fantasy, and create an adaptation of a real character. I find reality fascinating"

A selfie by Kate Jaggard Willing on the cover of The Selfied Magazine

"To evoke emotion, encourage thought, visually / sonically intrigue. Shake up the status quo"

A selfie by image maker Jaime Travezan for the cover of The Selfied Magazine

"Sometimes I feel I’m maximalist, others minimalist, some other times I’m quite convinced that I’m sophisticated, even exuberant or sober, but maybe I’m just quite trash. Eclectic they call it"