A selfie pic of German illustrator Marco Matroso, with orchids

Marco Matroso, An Illustrator from Hamburg, Germany

What was the situation in which this photo was taken?

There was no special situation to be honest. We just had new orchids, I got a new haircut. I wanted attention so I made a selfie and put it on Instagram.

Could you tell us something about what you do?

Beside my Job as a dresser for a Musical, I starded doing illustrations in July last year. I’m picking photos that inspire me or I want them for myself as an illustration. I also gratuaded in fashion design, but realised that it’s very exhausting to do all the clothing stuff, and it was not very successfull. So I decided to do illustrations which is working pretty well.

How did you first become interested in illustration?

I think I was not very much interested , because I had these skills since I was a child . Again I became more interested in the attention you get.
But the more I got older, I got quite bored by just doing Portraits without any colours. During my studies in fashion design I learned more about using different techniques and also colours. That was the point it became very interesting.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I wouldn’t say that I enjoy it. People always say that drawing makes them calm down. That’s not true, you’re so caught in this little world in the making of illustrations. It’s like a Tornado inside your head. You just want to do the best that you can. And I have to say it doesn’t always work. I enjoy the moment when it’s finished and I can say I did a great Job.

What are you working on at the moment?

There is no project at the moment. I’m preparing myself for another interview for a magazine. And last year I was being released in a magazine with one of my illustrations for a menswear story. So I’m very excited what is going to come next, this year.

What are the challenges in what you do, and how do you overcome them?

I am impatient. That is a really big problem. I want to be finished with illustrations in less than a minute haha. Which is insane. But I think it is this whole Instagram-thing. You see what other people do and you want to aim for the same things, because you get attention. And sometimes you just forget about your work. I need to learn that it’s not all about getting attention by sexy Instagram guys.

Could you describe your personal style?

That’s a tough questions. Because my style depends on the situations and occasions. Sometimes I’m wearing the same sweater for days. But I think I like to see myself as the little stylish casual guy.

What is your present state of mind?

I would like people to become more patient. Even with me. And to have the ability to say whats in your mind, without being criticized.

What music are you listening to at the moment?

I really adore electronic and 80’s music. Like the Pet Shop Boys. But there is also the New Retro Wave thing. They use to remake the 80’s style, like “the midnight” . It’s really nice. And I love the PlasticPlates remixes , for example Sias “alive”. And, of course, as a gay human being, I am a huge fan of Kylie Minogue haha.

Which artists or designers inspire you?

Some years ago I used to name the big labels, just to say something. Today I randomly find really good independent artists. The Problem is that I always forget the name of them which is a pitty. There are too many of them.

What is the purpose of art, in your view?

I really don’t know. Art is such a big thing that can be expressed in so many different and beautiful ways.

I would like to say that I love Art, because it makes people think, even if most of them don’t understand it (even I don’t get it sometimes) and ask silly questions. But I think it connects people.

How do you spend your free time?

With drinking wine and having the so called “qualtiy time” with friends. And making plans to rule the world, haha. (Just kidding)

An illustration by German illustrator Marco Matroso
An illustration by German illustrator Marco Matroso
An illustration by German illustrator Marco Matroso
An illustration by German illustrator Marco Matroso