A Selfie pic of Mercatacorn, a gamer from the USA

Mercatacorn, A gamer from Saint Clairsville, USA @mercatacorn

What was the situation in which this photo was taken?

Me and  a buddy I met on Instagram dyed our hair the same. I always go for the Marshal Lee look when I pose for a pic. My hair was blue for 2 years and my friend Asher suggested that we both dye our hair black. I had only known him for a few days at that point but it was like we knew each other forever, so I agreed to it. We both took pictures of our hair after we dyed it.

Could you tell us something about what you do?

I’m a gamer.

How did you first become interested in gaming?

I have always been into gaming since game boy colors were around. At first it was something to pass the time and over the years it started becoming a very important part in my life.

What do you enjoy most about gaming?

The people mostly, you can always find a good raid team on Destiny or a chill group of people to run around with on Grandtheft Auto.

What are you working on at the moment?

Helping new gamers out with the dynamics of the game of their choice.

What are the challenges in what you do, and how do you overcome them?

Getting frustrated when someone doesn’t pay attention during a raid or dies continuously. It just takes patience and a little bit of understanding. I always remind myself that at one point in time I was new to the game as well.

Could you describe your personal style?

Emo mostly, I wear all black maybe a graphic tee or a plaid shirt pairs with black jeans, skinny jeans, and snake bite piercings.

What is your present state of mind?

Everything always has a bright side. Don’t get cought up in the past.

What music are you listening to at the moment?

Alternative, screamo, rock, or punk rock.

Which artists or designers inspire you?

Ed Hardey has always had an influence on my life. His work is unique and meaningful.

What is the purpose of art, in your view?

To express ones self in a form of pain or love.

How do you spend your free time?

Hanging out with friends, or on the Xbox.

American gamer Mercatacorn. Selfie.
A note from Mercatacorn, live life. stay strong.